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Our most Frequently asked questions

Before the Day:


1. How much space do you require?

5m x 4m is optimum space for the 6 piece band


2. Do you supply music between sets? 

Yes, the band is currently setting up a system where YOU can choose the songs from our database and we'll load them into our virtual DJ system and play at your event, or you are free to create your own playlist on your tablet/iPad and the band will manage it through their PA system. If you’re having a DJ, the band would be only too happy to speak with them before the event and see if there are options to share equipment.


3. How long will the band need in between sets?

We normally play two sets, each lasting an hour with a break of 20 minutes. However, we can tailor our set length to suit your event.


4. Do you provide your own PA and lights?

Playback, the live party band, come totally self contained with their own PA and lights, a saving of over £845. You won't have to worry about anything so you can relax in the knowledge that the band is sorted and enjoy your evening.


5. How long will you need to set up?

We normally allow 1.5 hours. If you require an early setup time we are able to provide this service.

My Event:


6. My event is a long way away. How far does Playback travel?

We travel worldwide!


7. Does Playback need to be advised of anything before the event takes place?

Playback need to advised of the access to the venue, parking facilities and whether there are any noise limiting devices.


8. Can we use your PA for speeches?

Yes, no problem. Playback come totally self contained with their own PA, which they will set up for you to use for your speeches. So you won’t have to worry about anything.

9. When’s the best time for the band to play?

Every party has its own energy – that comes from you and your guests. What Playback will do is build on this energy, filling the dance floor and bringing the evening to life.


You will of course have planned the order of your event, but we would advise that we don’t play a live band set at the same time as food is being served! If you’d like music to accompany the buffet or more formal meal, have a look at Playback Duo or solo sax, who can create a mellow vibe while your guests enjoy their food.


We usually play two live sets in an evening, with carefully curated DJ playlists in between, so you can guarantee that the dance floor will stay full and your guests won’t want to sit down!


Booking the band:


10. How much do you charge?

Every event we do is unique, therefore we quote for everything on an individual basis. This is due to factors such as band size, distance and timings. 

11. Who will I speak to when making an enquiry?

You have the direct contact number for the band owner and creator Caron Robinson. Caron deals with all of the ins and outs of your special day and has also run and played saxophone in the band since it's creation over 13 years ago. Rest assured, Caron is the best qualified person to guide you through your needs for your special day.

12. Do you supply a written contract?


13. Can I pay something to secure a specific date?

Yes! A booking fee confirms that Playback will be playing at YOUR event.

14. When is payment due?

The remaining balance is required 7 working days prior to the event.

15. Is their any hidden extras costs? VAT?

Playback are as yet not VAT and come self contained for your convenience. The only extra is a small rider consisting of parking, a simple meal and soft drinks.

16. Is Playback insured and safety tested?

Yes, Playback holds full public liability insurance and equipment is ‘PAT’ safety tested.

17. Does Playback have any specific requirements?

Yes, we ask our clients to provide food, soft drinks, changing facilities and parking.



18. How long does it take you to set up?

The band will work around you to fit in with your schedule, but in an ideal scenario they would have 1.5 hours to set everything up. 1 clear hour at an absolute minimum.

19. How many songs will you play?

We play on average 18/20 songs per 60 minute set.

20. How long does Playback play?

Our most popular performance time is 2 x 60 minute sets. We can always add extra sets for an additional fee.

21. Do you take song requests?

YES! We happily take requests from you and your guests on the evening and will accommodate as many as we possibly can (even if they’re not on our repertoire list).

22. Can I choose all the songs you play?

Playback are really proud to play a huge repertoire (LINK) of hits, from current chart favourites to 1960s classics, and all the anthems in between. Most of the events we play have a mix of ages and stages of life, who all have their own favourite genres of music. We want to make sure you have the best party, so we select our songs “live”, mixing up the set as we go along, depending on what gets people dancing!

By engaging with the crowd like this, we can give your guests an amazing party experience – a real night to remember and one that will have them telling you for months afterwards what a great time they had.

Of course, if there are songs in our repertoire that you really don’t like, please tell us and we won’t play them!


22. We’d rather the band chose the songs. Is that OK?

Yes, of course. We know how to read an audience and do everything we can to keep as many people on the dance floor as possible, so if you'd rather leave it up to us that's fine.


23. Who is my contact on the day?

Your contact is either Caron or James. You will be able to build up a relationship with your contact before the day.

24. What happens if you break down?

Playback have never been late for any of their 1000+ events. Our comprehensive road assistance, if needed, would make sure YOUR event WILL run smoothly. 

25. Can we see the band play live before we book them?

Despite what wedding magazines and websites say, arguably, No! Believe it or not, a real professional wedding/events/party band won’t need to play pubs and clubs as they’ve got enough work without doing that. The idea of strangers coming to your event just to view the band  is usually one that couples think against and we can really appreciate that feeling, which is why we don’t ask our wedding couples if we can bring guests.

You can see clips of our members playing for Kylie, Gloria Gaynor, Il Divo, All Saints and in the resident band on The Voice on Youtube. These links are available on request.

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