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Six-piece band – the best line-up for a full sound.

Female vocals, guitar/male vocals, sax/backing vocals, bass, keyboards, drums.
You’ll see and hear Playback at our best when we play as a six-piece band. Our six-piece line-up has played for internationally renowned corporate clients in glamorous locations around the world – and we’ll bring the same full sound to your event.
We know the recipe for a fantastic party: the combination of male

and female vocals, guitars, drums and sax brings your favourite songs

to life, creates a euphoric vibe and will keep your guests on

the dance floor all night.

The musicians in our six-piece set-up have worked together for years. We always enjoy playing as an ensemble – we’re having a fantastic time and your guests will have a fantastic time, too. Because we know each other so well, we can quickly react to what the crowd are enjoying and give them more of what they want!
Fronted by charismatic singer/guitarist James Robinson, and featuring the powerful yet smooth saxophone of Caron Robinson, Playback know how to create an exhilarating atmosphere. We’ll keep the party moving, bringing a fun, sophisticated vibe to your event.
Get in touch – to create the perfect soundtrack for your event.

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